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Welcome to my about page. Are you interested in learning more about me? I'm flattered!

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My Story

Growing up, I always struggled with the idea of what I wanted to be. Mostly I wanted to do something that involved animals or creativity. I remember a career day where I pretended to be Steve Irwin, oh the 90s. 

While today you wont find me wrestling crocodiles. I am often wrestling with ideas and challenging myself to think creatively and thoughtfully. I enjoy tackling the puzzles within design, how can I improve this function or what would make this app easier to use? My life has felt like a puzzle in it's' own way, how can I improve? I graduated with BFA in printmaking - how do I get a job doing what I love? (answer: not simple) So instead, I explored industries and gained new skills; some in customer service, finance, education but also graphic design. Creating art or designing with any opportunity that I could.

In 2020, I had found myself in that awful place many people did. I was laid off and had to rethink much of my career and my life. At the time I attended Indy Design Week, where creatives and professionals connect as a community to network and learn from each other. I connected with a mentor who gave me insight into the UX Design Industry. Since then I enrolled in a Masters Certification program for Human Computer Interaction at IUPUI. 

Now I get to use my natural talents and learned skills with UX Design and Research. My favorite part has really been in problem solving at the user level and designing wireframes and prototypes to make improvements.

Aside from my career, I'm a single mom. Which makes my accomplishments all the more important to me as my child grows up, I've wanted to provide him the same opportunities that I've had. I also have learned new hobbies and skills in my down time and pursued passion projects like hiking and foraging, fostering animals, and drawing.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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