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Adidas Team Design Challenge


Wherever you are and whichever role you play on our team, this is your chance to design our very first adidas team shirt.


It’s time to show us your team spirit. Ready, set, design!

Inspired by the found of adidas, Adi Dassler. Second to him, the Superstar shoe is one of the brands most recognized products.


I felt that by presenting these as a nod to the past and look towards the future may resonate with adidas employees.

Adolf Dassler Founder of Adidas
Additional Ideas

Below are some additional ideas that I came up with. Since the death of George Floyd, Adidas launched a company wide effort in teaching and empowering employees on inclusion and diversity. Seeing this as the way of the future, I created the following designs that presented this idea.

Submissions were then added into the department and voted upon. Unfortunately these submissions did not meet the standards of the brand or the 5 color print restriction of the contest. Still I felt that these designs were well thought out as adidas is growing and working towards a more inclusive culture, working toward environmental stewardship, and improving lives through the power of sport.

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